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Secondary CTA

There are two variations of the secondary call to action (CTA). The Individuals & Families and Small Businesses are slight variations of one another. This module is "dynamic" in the sense that it can be turned "off" or "on" by a content team depending on whether there is messaging to display. The container height should be fixed at 100px. Character limitations exist to prevent copy from wrapping. Glyphicons are used for the icons and the green CTA button uses the standard green button treatment.

Secondary CTA design

The secondary CTA uses the Open Sans font in white, #FFF at 28px for the title and 18px for the description. The title has a character limitation of 50 characters including spaces. A Glyphicon appears on the left side of the secondary CTA at 70px by 70px. A single button also appears right aligned and vertically centered and has a character limitation of 18 characters, including spaces.

I&F Default

Individuals & Families Secondary CTA module default state example

SB Default

Small Businesses Secondary CTA module default state example


Secondary CTA specifications


Secondary CTA styles