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In keeping with our theme of trust, the identity marker establishes a universal signature across all communications. We treat the marker the same across all media. See the rules to follow when using the identity marker below.

The Health Insurance Marketplace, the authenticated application where consumers buy insurance, uses a separate and distinct logo. This logo appears in the footer. See the Brand Identity and Design Standards for the Health Insurance Marketplace (PDF).

Identity marker

To ensure that our identity marker is clearly discernable, it requires space as shown below, free of type, graphics, and other elements that might cause visual clutter. There is also a Spanish version of the marker.

English logo specification
Spanish logo specification


The identity marker should only be used against a white background. It shouldn’t be placed against any other background color or modified in any way.


Official logo

White background


Incorrect logo usage against background color Color background
Incorrect logo usage against photographic background Photographic background
Incorrect logo usage reversed out against a solid color background Reversed against color
Incorrect logo usage using a dropshadow Drop shadow
Incorrect logo usage showing logo in unapproved colors Other colors
Incorrect logo usage showing logo with outlines Outlined
Incorrect logo usage showing logo manipulated to unapproved aspect ratio Squeezed

Identity marker tags

There are two variants of the identity marker that should be used sparingly. The first is a reversed out marker against black, and the second is a gray version (#A2A2A2). Both are intended to be used as "tags" in areas such as a footer where subtle use of the mark is appropriate.

Correct reversed out logo tag
Correct gray logo tag


A dark blue favicon appears on all web pages. favicon

Social media

There is one approved variation of the full color identity marker used only in social media. This variation is only approved for certain applications and should not be overused. social media logo