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Color palette

We use a simple, minimalist color palette. Shades of blue dominate the palette, providing a neutral backdrop on which energetic greens, imagery, and bright white content areas "pop" on the page.

Primary palette

Blue serves as the primary base color for According to basic color theory, blue symbolizes trust, confidence, and sincerity. Blue is also used extensively to represent calmness and responsibility. makes use of a broad spectrum of blues. Each shade of blue is used for a specific purpose.

Small Business Blue
Individuals & Families Blue
Tools Blue
80% Black
Light Grey

Accent palette

Following minimalist design principles, accent colors on are used to capture the viewer’s attention and highlight the most important features on a page. These colors are used most often on buttons and notifications. Accent colors are used sparingly and never draw the eye to more than one bit of information at a time.

Call to Action Green

Module palettes

A few of the permanent modules within follow slight variations on the primary color palette to create a more dynamic look and give a visual depth within the flat design paradigm.

Secondary CTA

The secondary call to action (CTA) lives immediately below the hero area on major landing pages and provides site visitors with a gateway to important information.

Call to Action Bar
Call to Action Icon

Action bar

The action bar lives below the secondary CTA on some first-tier landing pages. The action bar typically takes users to a tool or other actionable content.

Tile Hover
Action Bar
Action Bar Hover

Email signup & blog module

The email signup and blog modules live below the action bar on the homepage exclusively.

Email Block
Blog Block